Watching Glass Shatter: Favorite Character & Short Story Collection

Watching Glass Shatter, a family drama contemporary fiction novel, was published on October 8th, 2017 to rave reviews and great success. A 15-day blog tour kicked off in early November with the announcement of a sequel being planned for late 2018, but a whole year is a long time to wait before you visit old friends, isn’t it? I know how hard it is to say goodbye to the GLASS family once you’ve fallen in love with them…

Given this is Thanksgiving week, I’d like to share my gratitude with all the readers, reviewers and bloggers who helped make this book launch so amazing. As a thank you, I will be writing a collection of short stories based on the GLASS family, beginning with the first one in March 2018. Each story will weave a tale covering the early lives of the GLASS family, ranging from Olivia and Diane’s difficult childhood to Caleb’s mysterious trips to Maine.

The target will be to publish a short story every two months in 2018, focusing on each of the main characters from Watching Glass Shatter. In the favorite character poll, you voted for ETHAN as the one you loved the most. The first short story in the collection will focus on him and his life before the book began… so many parts of his life to consider… will it include his grandparents, how he met Emma or his life being the youngest brother in a complex family? You’ll only have to wait 3 months before you can read about him again, so stay tuned for target release dates and teasers coming up in December!

Favorite Character

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the poll to select your favorite character.

You can purchase the debut book, Watching Glass Shatter,

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  1. Darn!! I do love Ethan, but my favorite was definitely Caleb… so sad lol But anyways, I do agree Ethan is such a wonderful, likable character… so this is the verdict, I guess! πŸ˜‰

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