Watching Glass Shatter: Characters

Benjamin: Patriarch who dies leaving behind a widow and 5 sons. Runs a prominent Connecticut law practice but harbors a very painful family secret.

Olivia: Matriarch who becomes a widow when her husband dies in a car accident.  Runs several philanthropic organizations. Passive-aggressive mother of 5 sons.

Theodore (Teddy): Eldest son. Following in his father’s footsteps to run the family law firm. Married to Sarah and trying to have a baby. The pompous fool who harbors his own secret.

Matthew: MBA Graduate. Manages the firm’s finances. Married to Margaret with 3 young daughters. Sports fanatic.  The Golden Boy who harbors his own secret.

Caleb: Middle child, became an architect. Moved away to Maine with little contact with the rest of the family. The Runaway who harbors his own secret.

Zachary: Finding his own way through life. Raising his 5 year old daughter while fighting his ex-girlfriend for custody. The Former Drug Addict who harbors his own secret.

Ethan: Youngest son. The heart of the family who became a doctor. Contemplating an engagement. The Momma’s Boy who harbors his own secret.

Diane: Olivia’s younger sister. Voice of reason in the family. Protector of all. Married to George. Harbors no secrets of her own but learns them all.

Rowena: Mentioned by name in Ben’s will. Holds the answers to discovering Ben’s secret. Immigrated from Scotland nearly 30 years ago… but where is she now?