Novel: Father Figure


Contemporary fiction novel full of mystery and suspense. Set to be released in January 2018. To receive a weekly status on what the author is working on, please subscribe to the newsletter or visit the link below to the author’s personal blog:



One young girl’s need to escape the mundane life she’s grown up in. Another young girl’s quest to find her father and discover who she is. Both are unaware of all the circumstances they’ve both been placed in due to decisions and actions occurring nearly 20 years ago. How well do you really know your parents? Do they truly understand you? Can you ever truly escape the past? Set in different time periods, this novel alternates chapters on two main characters:

  • 1998 – Amalia Graeme, about to turn 18, attends college, leaving behind a mother with whom she had a difficult relationship. While Amalia has a boyfriend, Carter, she’s secretly attracted to an older professor, Dr. Jonah West. She begins an affair with him and realizes she must come clean to her boyfriend. After she tells the boyfriend, they have a huge fight and she leaves to find Jonah who she thinks can comfort her. Along the path, she’s encounters a stranger who will change her life.


  • 2018 – Brianna Porter, 18, who lives in NYC, is struggling with understanding who she is.  She longs to escape her surroundings and leaves for college in Pennsylvania where she begins dating one of her professors, probably looking for a father figure, as she’s never met her real father. Brianna has always accepted her mother’s story that her father was a military man with whom Molly had a one-night stand and later found herself pregnant with no way to find him. When Brianna uncovers her mother’s old journal, she learns the shocking secret that her mother never knew who the father was because it could have been more than one man. As Brianna searches for clues to find her father, she stumbles upon a few facts which could completely change the future.