Watching Glass Shatter – Favorite Character Poll

Have you read Watching Glass Shatter? Why not choose your favorite character from the core family? Choose today and you can change your mind through the end of the poll on 11/20 when the blog tour ends. In case you need a reminder, here’s a quick character bio:

Benjamin: Patriarch who dies leaving behind a widow and 5 sons. Runs a prominent Connecticut law practice but harbors a very painful family secret.

Olivia: Matriarch who becomes a widow when her husband dies in a car accident.  Runs several philanthropic organizations. Passive-aggressive mother of 5 sons.

Theodore (Teddy): Eldest son. Following in his father’s footsteps to run the family law firm. Married to Sarah and trying to have a baby. The pompous fool who harbors his own secret.

Matthew: MBA Graduate. Manages the firm’s finances. Married to Margaret with 3 young daughters. Sports fanatic.  The Golden Boy who harbors his own secret.

Caleb: Middle child, became an architect. Moved away to Maine with little contact with the rest of the family. The Runaway who harbors his own secret.

Zachary: Finding his own way through life. Raising his 5 year old daughter while fighting his ex-girlfriend for custody. The Former Drug Addict who harbors his own secret.

Ethan: Youngest son. The heart of the family who became a doctor. Contemplating an engagement. The Momma’s Boy who harbors his own secret.

Diane: Olivia’s younger sister. Voice of reason in the family. Protector of all. Divorcing husband. Harbors no secrets of her own but learns them all throughout the story.